Do you remember the good old days when products were handmade with care and precision? The days before everything was mass-produced in a factory? The days when quality and character were more important than profit?

Fantastic Sunglasses New York continues to deliver the best in sunglasses with an exclusive collection�of vintage designer frames from the last six decades.

Over the years we have obtained thousands�of frames from retiring opticians and optometrists, amassing an extensive, unique selection�of out-of-production, designer gems that can’t be found anywhere else.

These pieces are totally unique, perfect for unique individuals looking to add vintage wisdom to their wardrobe. Our frames were created by visionaries, for visionaries. With designs from visionaries like Gucci, Versace, and Dior, you can set your sights high at Rare Sights New York.


169 East 92nd St, New York, NY,�10128, United states

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