At Visionary Family Eye Care, you and your family are important to us. Our caring professionals go the extra mile to ensure we exceed your expectations.

From age six months to the latest stages of life, we handle each patient thoroughly and individually.

We provide state of the art vision and eye health testing and the finest quality eyewear and contact lenses.

We also offer an exclusive 2-year eyewear warranty, contact lens buy 'em back guarantee, and low monthly payment options.

We accept most major medical and vision insurances.

Our goal at Visionary Family Eye Care is for you to enjoy the highest quality of life through your best vision and eye health.

DESIGNER EYEWEAR – At Visionary Family Eye Care, Dr. Aaker and our opticians specialize in delivering a customized and premium eyewear experience.

You'll find the highest quality eyeglass frames featuring the latest fashion and designer brands.

We use cutting-edge lens technology including progressive lenses, transitions, and non-glare coatings to provide an outstanding visual experience with the thinnest and lightest lenses.

With our exclusive 2-year eyewear warranty, you can trust Visionary Family Eye Care with all your eyewear needs.

CONTACT LENSES – Dr. Aaker specializes in difficult fits for any age including high astigmatism, bifocal, monovision, and color contact lenses.

He loves to fit patients who have discontinued use due to discomfort or have been told they could not wear contact lenses.

Contact lens technology and products are constantly improving to provide exceptional ocular health, comfort, and vision for all ages.

Visionary Family Eye Care features a topographer who takes a detailed map of the cornea (clear tissue on which the contact lens fits) to ensure the highest level of health, comfort, and vision with contact lens wear.

All contact lens evaluations include a topography, contact lens ocular health evaluation with the slit lamp microscope and visual analysis by Dr. Aaker.

Combined with our exclusive Contact Lens Buy ‘Em Back Guarantee, we deliver an exceptional contact lens experience.

EQUIPPED FOR EMERGENCY AND MEDICAL EYE CARE – Dr. Aaker regularly treats eye injuries, infections, and inflammation. He detects early signs of cataracts, macular degeneration, and even diabetes.

Specialized care is provided for patients with low vision as a result of eye disease or injury.

We routinely perform a computerized analysis of your side vision for evidence of tumors, strokes, and glaucoma.

We would consider it an honor for you to entrust us with your family’s eye care.

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