Our Southern California based team of designers, project managers, and customer service representatives make up the soul of Omg  / Contentlinq.

From interior to digital to graphic to product design, we are focused on elevating the customer experience at every touchpoint. We strive to elevate your brand with a variety of unique and effective solutions.

Our design philosophy is guided by the New Rules of Optical Retailing:
• Experience is everything
• Clutter is out, clean, simple, and curated is where retail thrives
• Digital interaction is expected
• Signage is essential for discovery
• Storytelling leads to discovery (and increased multi-pair purchases)
• Lighting is central to vibe
• Curb appeal is a must
• Delight the customer

With the Amazon experience normalized, simplicity is what customers (aka patients) are looking for – the easier it is to identify and learn about a product, the less friction in translating a sale.

We believe that providing a superior experience is the only way to create long-lasting connections, increase customer stickiness, encourage more referral business, and leverage the intrinsic value you offer as a professional in your field.

The team @ OMG + Contentlinq wants to meet you where you are and thoughtfully guide you and your business through an exciting phase of leveling up – both your sales and overall experiential vibe.


312 South Cedros Ave #200 Solana Beach, Ca 92075

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