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Eyezone Optical in Mayfield Heights, OH is more than your neighborhood optometrist. We are a comprehensive optical shop that serves the Cleveland area and we feature signature eyeglasses and eyewear for every occasion. Our eye doctors are a step ahead in prescribing specific eyeglasses that compliment your facial features, offer extensive vision upgrades, and give you reasons to want to step out in style. Our practice has four optometrists on-site, including a stylist who's able to fit fashion in to your eyewear so that it's perfect for your lifestyle and workflow visual needs. We have the most up-to-date trends in modern eyeglasses. Once you step into our optical shop, you'll want to spend a while with one of our optometry professionals who are ready to help with all of your vision care needs. Whether you're protecting your vision from work-related activities or combatting glaucoma and other eye illnesses, we are a cutting edge one-stop optical shop that suits every condition and every type of vision issue. From the moment you arrive, we will take every step and precaution to ensure you walk out with the properly fitted frames, the right prescription for your current eye condition, and several guidelines and recommendations to keep your eyes healthy and free of diseases.


5852 Mayfield Rd Cleveland, OH 44124

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