How To Choose An Eyeglass Frame For Your Face.


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Around the world, over 4 billion people wear glasses.  Thanks to the recent surge in eyeglasses as an accessory, we see more people wearing glasses. Eyeglasses are not only vision aids, but they’re also fashion statements.

And as with everything fashionable, some people are naturally able to gravitate towards frames that flatter their looks, while others need some help.

Are you of the latter category and are wondering how to choose eyeglass frames? Then read on! We’ll give you a general guide on how to get eyewear that not only is comfortable but also gives you the best vision possible.

Round Faces

Round faces tend to be plumper looking, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! You just have to know which types of frames to pick so you can highlight all your best features.

To offset the roundness of your face, you should stick to glasses that are more angular. That way, you can make your face appear longer than it really is.

On that note, put down the Harry Potter frames. Your face is already round, and with round lenses, it won’t do anything for definition and depth.

Square Faces

Square faces are similar to round, but you have more angles to work with. You’d expect that the advice for frames would be similar to the section above, but it’s actually the opposite!

Because your face is much more angular, don’t select frames that are the same. This can make your features seem harsher than they really are.

Instead, soften your features by choosing circular frames. So if you’ve always wanted a pair of Harry Potter frames, go ahead and try them on!

Oval Faces

If you have an oval face, it’ll be longer in appearance than with round or square faces. This means you have higher cheekbones, as well as narrower forehead and chin.

Because you have more room to work with, you can wear pretty much any type of frame. So if you’re a fan of oversized and/or wide frames, you’ll most likely be able to pull off the look without obstructing the majority of your face.

On the other hand, you should avoid picking frames that are narrow. Because your face is already narrow, this may add to it, which can make your face seem longer than it really is. 

Heart-Shaped Faces

As the name suggests, this face shape means you have a wider forehead and narrower jaw. This means you’ll want to draw attention away from your forehead so it’s more balanced out.

Generally, round or oval-shaped lenses will work great for heart-shaped faces. To get that balance you desire, consider frames that are just a tad bigger than your forehead so all the attention isn’t in the top third of your head.

Diamond-Shaped Faces

Not too many people have this face shape, so if this is yours, it may be even more difficult selecting eyeglass frames. With diamond-shaped faces, people have angled, full cheekbones and narrow foreheads and jaws.

While angled, full cheekbones are attractive, you’ll want to soften them a bit with your frame choice. You can do this with oval or cat-eye frames. Detailing on them can also help balance out your cheekbones.

Thankfully we work with a network of opticians that now offer bespoke options. This means you can custom design a frame that fits your unique facial features and have it manufactured on demand.

Use Virtual Tools to “Try out” Frames

The above tips we’ve given you are a very basic and general guide to choosing eyeglass frames. As you may know, we all have our unique looks, so even if you and your friend both have oval faces, one frame may look fantastic on one of you and terrible on the other.

A good way to get a basic idea of what works and what doesn’t for you is to use virtual tools. For example, we at Optical Near Me have a virtual frame try on. This allows you to upload your photo, “try on” frames, and save your favorite ones.

See a Professional Optician

Once you’ve figured out which type of frames may look good on you, you need to then consult with a professional optician. This is vital for a few reasons.

First of all, virtual tools may be a great help, but the fact is, you’re only getting a 2D or simulated 3D opinion. Also, the frame may “fit” virtually but the actual dimensions may be quite different. Once you try on frames for real, you’ll get to feel how they rest on your nose and ears, and how heavy they may be. Also, the frames may look slightly different in real life, which can quickly make your top favorite slide down a few ranks.


There are also many materials used in frame manufacturing. The lower the cost of the frame, the lower the quality of the material. Some cheaper, acetate frames, for instance, are bulky and heavy. Meanwhile, a premium titanium material can feel light as air.

Also, an optician will help you get the perfect fit. Petite, wider, and ethnic faces have special requirements that a professional optician can address to ensure you’re happy with the frame and lenses you choose. They can offer assistance in getting maximum comfort and assure you’re getting the right use of your lenses.

Professional Opticians can expertly adjust your frame; a professional adjustment of just a few millimeters can make all the difference. So if you highly favor a frame but they feel slightly uncomfortable, an optician can usually help you or recommend something ideal for your unique needs. 

Know-How to Choose Eyeglass Frames That Are Right for You

Now you know the basics on how to choose eyeglass frames that are right for you. As you do your research, remember, online tools can only do so much for you.

While you can order frames online, you won’t have the expertise of a professional optician to help fit your glasses. Your eyesight is extremely important, and you only get one set of eyes in your lifetime. So spend a little extra time and money to ensure you not only look good but that also that your eyes are well taken care of. 

The perfect fit is out there for you, but this can only be achieved through the help of a professional optician, so make sure you visit your local optician before purchasing frames.

Ready to find an optician near you? Then use our search function now!

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Optical Near ME

How To Choose An Eyeglass Frame For Your Face.

Blog Optical Near ME Discover independent eyewear. Around the world, over 4 billion people wear glasses.  Thanks to the recent surge in eyeglasses as an accessory, we

Optical Near ME

How To Choose An Eyeglass Frame For Your Face.

Blog Optical Near ME Discover independent eyewear. Around the world, over 4 billion people wear glasses.  Thanks to the recent surge in eyeglasses as an accessory, we




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