Eyewear is much more than a visual aid for Sue Randhawa, it's a vehicle for self-expression. Born in India and raised in Vancouver, she joined The Optical Boutique as a Licensed Optician in 1997 and took over the business 10 years later.

Deeply involved in the local fashion scene, she collaborates on look books, editorials and video shoots. In support of emerging designers, she's a front row fixture at Vancouver Fashion Week and a regular guest speaker at fashion schools. Naturally, she brings all this into her work to help clients find the right eyewear to complement their personal style.

For Randhawa, fashion has no barriers; it's for all ages, genders, races and religions. She approaches her style consultations with curiosity and without judgment. Randhawa doesn't limit herself in style or life – she's also a marathon runner, road biker and soon-to-be author – and so she's inspired to help others see and celebrate their own uniqueness.


1050 NW 14th St Miami, FL 33136

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