4 Reasons Independent Eye Care Professionals Will Rule the Industry This Decade

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One of the biggest problems faced by customers looking for eye care professionals is the lack of one on one service that big box stores are infamous for. These stores are looking to push products without giving the care and service that customers require to be satisfied with their end purchase. With undertrained and inexperienced staff, these big companies don’t focus on vision care; they care about making their sale, thus, starting an epidemic of shortcut service and poor quality eye treatments.

Independent eye care professionals provide everything that big retailers are often missing. Being experts in their field, they give customers and their families what they are looking for in terms of service and care. These types of care providers are usually established in their field and can provide customers with expert advice and customer service unmatched by that given by big box stores. Now, with the use of omnichannel tactics, these professionals can reach their customers as simply as big retailers making them come up in the industry.

Here are four reasons why we believe that independent eye care professionals will rule the industry this decade with the help of omnichannel tactics:

Value Proposition

Independent eye care professionals have the unique opportunity to promise their customers personalized and expert visual care. They can do this because independent optical stores are a lot smaller than big retail stores that don’t specialize in optical care, but rather try to sell as many products as they can. The professionals that open these locations for their communities are experts in their fields who receive formal training to be able to provide the proper care their customers require. In comparison, retailers do not rely on giving the best visual care but selling the product itself.

With the use of omnichannel platforms, independent opticians can put forth their value proposition to their customers, as well as encourage them to visit the brick-and-mortar store to make good on their promise of better care and personalized service.

Shop Local Awareness

Independent eye care professionals connect more with their customers because they are giving their services through a local, neighborhood store, which is a lot more accessible and comfortable for potential customers from the surrounding community. They can offer what generic big box stores cannot, in the sense that they provide a connection for customers to their community. C0ustomers can help build up a local business that can become an anchor for their local community and neighborhood.

These local stores are also a lot more accessible for customers; big box stores are usually in busier areas where they can get the most foot traffic. This means customers might have to commute for long periods of time before reaching them. Independent eye care professionals set up their businesses in their local neighborhoods, making it much easier for their customers to reach them.

Another benefit of local shops is that the eye care professionals can build relationships with their customers. Big box stores often have multiple staff members who take up the same position, and so many customers that they cannot build that one on one relationship even with regular customers. It is much easier for independent professionals to create that bond.


As independent eye care professionals, these individuals have the opportunity to join larger communities of other care providers, such as themselves. What this means is that they can potentially collaborate with other independent eye care professionals and brands to bring customers the best possible products and service. By joining a larger community of like-minded professionals, independent eye care professionals can gain knowledge of experience from their community members and learn from them to put forth the best for their customers.

By joining these communities, these professionals also get access to bigger brands and markets globally, which means they can offer a wider range of products to their customers even from their locality. Omnichannel marketing sites like opticalnearME provide a platform where independent eye care providers can get access to the largest network of eye care professionals in the world.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is one of the most important factors independent eye care professionals will become the leaders in their field. Not only do they hold the experience and expertise within the profession, but they can provide that personalized one on one experience that customers want when they walk into a store.

Independent eye care professionals, unlike big retail store staff, are more likely to have the time to provide their customers with the service they need, since they don’t have to deal with the flocks of people that enter big box stores. They have the authority on their product since they are focused on it; they don’t have to have the knowledge of the thousands of other products being sold in the store. This also builds a certain trust between the customer and the professional.

The size of independent eye care stores alone helps the professionals give more personal attention to their customers rather than relying on them to find what they need on their own. They also provide much more accurate and quality vision care compared to their big retail counterparts; the customer leaves satisfied knowing that they are receiving the best care possible.

Independent eye care professionals are gaining popularity with their customers for many more reasons than the ones we have listed above. They provide a unique and specialized service to their customers with expert knowledge on the matter. We are ready to say goodbye to big box eye care and hello to smaller, independent eye care stores!

If you are an independent eye care professional looking to join the omnichannel marketing community, click here to get started!

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